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Most of us have either said those words to someone or had them said to us. A surprise birthday, anniversary, welcome or leaving event has been planned and brought to fruition. As a recipient of such an ‘ordeal’ you will suddenly find yourself in the midst of family, friends or colleagues or possibly members from all three groups beaming from ear to ear. Of course you knew your birthday was coming up or you were finally ‘dumping’ the company after 25 years of service, you might have even been hearing some unintelligible rumblings in the background but when the big day arrives you are definitely overwhelmed. You feel the love, the care, the effort and the money that has been put into making you and the day, the occasion special and you are grateful, grateful that people care.

How do you take surprises?
Some may profess that they don’t like surprises, maybe, possibly, but I think that what they really don’t  like is not being in control. If it’s their birthday party then they need to veto all invitees and if you do it they’d probably spend the evening complaining about who you invited and shouldn’t have and those you left out and should have invited. Or they really didn’t want a leaving ‘do’ cause they feel most people are actually happy to see them go and not sad and therefore are being insincere, whatever…
Over time people get the hint, decide that they don’t like surprises and never come up with any for them 🙂

A lady once told me her husband doesn’t get her birthday or Christmas presents, why? Because he will invariably get the wrong thing 😦 She didn’t tell me but maybe vouchers fill the gap, they always seem to come in handy, as long as they are from the right shop…please don’t even go there!

The One who cannot be surprised!
As I said a prayer this morning I thought of the one person we can’t surprise and that is Almighty God. Well first of all we don’t know His age or His birthday. Well yes, I know that He is the ancient of days (Daniel 7:22), and that He is ageless but which day and month should we choose. The truth is the Almighty God lives in a different realm from us He lives in a timeless realm, a realm we often have difficulty getting our heads round so maybe we’ll leave that story for another day.

However another reason we cannot surprise the Almighty God is because He is omniscient, He is all knowing, He knows everything, and nothing takes Him by surprise.
My life to date hasn’t really panned out the way I expected. I know that there are many people out there living their dream, some are living way above their dreams, maybe they just wanted to be the best at what they did in their locality but the Lord takes them global and they surpass their wildest dreams.
I stand to be corrected, but I tend to believe that for everyone living their dreams there are probably about eight to nine others wondering what happened, wondering where it all went wrong, which wrong turning did they take? The magnitude of veering off course differs from person to person but so many of us end up nowhere near our childhood dreams. Often the dreams are just a very faint memory and we make do with ‘our lot’ so to say.

For most that ‘lot’ is okay, it’s not the very best but we get by, a home, a job that pays the bills and the general necessities of life.
However for some that ‘lot’ can be devastating. A sickness or accident that cripples you, a horribly painful broken relationship that you leaves you still looking for the pieces of your life years after, inability to get and maintain a stable job even though you desperately want to and need to work, children that never seemed to get off the starting line and if they make any moves at all it’s in the wrong direction. A list of problems could be virtually endless, some are seen the moment you look at a person, some have been very carefully powdered over and one would need to dig very deep before any cracks occur.

As I said that prayer however I knew that there is nothing that happens to us that takes the Father God by surprise, before we were conceived in our mothers’ wombs He knew us (Jeremiah 1:5) and He knew how our lives would pan out. He also knows that if we refuse to allow our present circumstances, or lack of them, to hold us back, then there is a way forward.

Because He is not taken by surprise, before ‘the worst’ happened to us He already knew and had already made and secured a way out. Thing is are we going to be man enough to step-up to the plate? I realise that often times the unexpected doesn’t just rain it pours down, it comes in torrents, everything that can possible go wrong does plus some…But even in that worst case scenario with God there is a way. Job of his  eponymous  book didn’t get everything right, but he definitely knew not to take his wife’s advice and abandon God. God was the one person who could help him and as always, despite a real rocky journey the Father came through for him, Job’s later days turned out much better than his former.

Later in Life
I decided to Google people who made it later in life and one of the links that came up led to a site that spoke about  Peter Roget who at a the age of 73 invented  “the thesaurus”. He achieved this fete after retiring from medicine at the age of 61.

I don’t know what stage in life you consider yourself to be at, do you believe you can make a difference whether you’re 17, 37 or 73? Or do you think you’re ‘past-it’, whatever that means and there’s no point trying.
As far as I know God doesn’t have ‘sell-by’ dates, He only has ‘expiry-dates’ which He keeps very close to His chest and they cannot be humanly discerned. In other words, where there is life there is hope!

If you are still here, if you are alive and kicking, even if you’re not kicking, if you’re alive it’s because God hasn’t finished with you yet. If the Almighty hasn’t finished with you, then your work isn’t yet done.

I genuinely understand if the worst has happened, if you’re penniless, homeless, jobless, friendless, dreamless and all the other ‘lesses’ that may be out there. One plus that you have and you will always have is that the Almighty hasn’t given up on you and because He hasn’t given up, we don’t have a right to give-up, we have to continue to push until we get through, until a way is made, until we overcome every obstacle and breathe the air of victory! It is never ever too late to live our dreams, or to create and live new ones.

Pray Until Something Happens
Persevere Until Something Happens

You know what when we do finally come into our own and make something positive of our lives a whole lot of people will be saying “what a pleasant surprise

This is LolaA routing for your success!