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Pain just seems to be everywhere these days.

It could be the result of what is often termed an ‘act of God’. Take the recent Tornadoes in Oklahoma city 8 tornadoes occurred over two days but the aftermath of that event will last for… well for the foreseeable future because at least 51 people were reported dead.

Should we talk about last Wednesday’s terrorist attack in South London which left a man dead just because he choose to serve his country. There can never ever be any justification for the terror, violence and deep seated anger that was let loose on the streets of one of the capital cities of Europe. One thing about pain is that when you attempt to unleash it on others it invariably comes back to haunt you. Whatever was the source of the adrenaline those 2 men experienced as they charged towards the police officers that attended the scene, it has definitely subsided. Today they will be experiencing the pain of their actions which were initiated from the pit of hell. Unfortunately so many innocent souls have been forced to become partakers of that pain. Massive pain has been inflicted on the family of drummer Lee Rigby, one’s heart bleeds to think that his 2 year old son will grow up without his dad, a young lady widowed in her prime and parents burying their son.

Ironically even the religion they said they were standing up for is suffering, their family and friends devastated.

Maybe we should focus on the on-going conflict in Syria and a man who wants to remain president no matter the human cost and devastation to the people he wants to lead or should I make that rule over. Latest news reports say more than 80,000 people have lost their lives in the unnecessary conflict. Why? Because one man isn’t ‘man enough’ to walk away. He’d rather inflict pain, pain and more pain than allow his people to choose another leader, than to accept that he has been rejected.

When we experience pain, hurt and destruction we often want to take the route of least resistance, to sit down and wallow in self-pity, to allow the sad situation to dominate our lives, to cow us and make us helpless. The perpetrators of evil acts want us to do just that, but as difficult as it is and it is extremely difficult we need to interpret pain as:

P – Pressing

A – Ahead

I – Indomitable

N – No matter what

We must press ahead indomitable no matter what!

I join you in not giving-in to pain, see you soon LolaA