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The other day there was a programme on TV about certain animals in the savannah and how they live and survive. I was able to catch glimpses of it as I went about my other chores.

I must confess that my geography is actually quite poor, who’s to blame? I’d love to say it’s the fault of my teachers they didn’t teach me everything there is to know under the sun, but maybe just maybe I might be culpable in the matter.

Anyway the beauty of living in the information age is that any information we need is at the tip of our fingers, via the Internet and the likes of Google. In fact the other day I learnt that one of the most commonly used ‘apps’ is the Wikipedia app, no surprise there I guess. And yes, it was the exact place I was directed to by the search engine when I typed in savannah.

Like I said geography is not my strong point and for some reason I had always thought that there was actually a savannah, as in just a particular place called the savannah and it was somewhere in South America, I wanted to find out exactly where.

Surprise surprise! I was wrong and I was right.

There is a place called Savannah, it is the oldest city in the U.S. state of Georgia. No it’s not in South America, but in what is known as the Deep South of the United States and its climate is classified as humid subtropical.
Savannah lies on the Savannah River, from whence it derives its name and it is approximately 20 miles (32 km) upriver from the Atlantic Ocean. Savannah is an industrial centre and an important Atlantic seaport.

However the term savannah (with or without the ‘h’ at the end) is used to refer to certain types of landscape.

According to good old Wikipedia:

A savanna, or savannah, is a grassland ecosystem characterized by the trees being sufficiently widely spaced so that the canopy does not close. The open canopy allows sufficient light to reach the ground to support an unbroken herbaceous layer consisting primarily of grasses. The oak savanna is a common type of savanna in the Northern Hemisphere. Savannas are associated with several types of biomes (ecosystems). Savannas cover approximately 20% of the Earth’s land area.
Wikipedia also talks about the different types of savannas such as: Tropical and subtropical savannas; temperate savannas; Mediterranean savannas etc. some of which are famous for their wildlife and/or exotic and varied flora.

Oak Savannas

When you think of the beauty of the savannah’s and how the trees exist equal distantly apart with sufficient room between them to let in enough sunlight to maintain the ecosystem that lives below the tall trees one wonders at the beauty of it all and the definite attention to detail that has been exercised in their development.

The question that comes to mind is who planted the savannahs? Who bore the cost? Who spent the effort and time to make sure everything was and continues to be just perfect? If there is any problem in the savannahs today it’s man-made and not the fault of the original developer.

So in your honest opinion who is responsible for the savannahs, could it be, as some would have us believe, the result of a big bang. A big bang that ultimately led to trees being planted methodically, maybe but it doesn’t really strike me as a possibility.

Okay, I get it; it was all down to nature, a natural phenomenon. But then what is nature? The Oxford Dictionary of English defines nature as: the physical force regarded as causing and regulating the phenomena of the world. It says: it is impossible to change the laws of nature.

A physical force…

And then there is Mother Nature which the dictionary defines as: nature personified as a creative and controlling force affecting the world and humans.

So the physical force behind nature can be personified, not necessarily a human being, but an all-powerful, awesome being. A being who holds the universe in place by the breath of His nostrils.

I believe the savannahs were planted by this magnificent being. This being looks at the forests, looks at the savannahs and sees their unified beauty. He also sees each individual tree and tends to each with love and care. His attention to detail is unequalled, no tree is out of place and each individual ant is accounted for. What an awesome being.

For want of an alternative name we’ll call Him God.
The Awesome Father
The Creator of the Universe
The Alpha and Omega
The beginning and the Ending
The One who changes things but who never changes.

He was there when this world began and when it will all be over and time is no more He will continue to be.

I believe God planted the savannahs.

The beauty of the savannahs, the trees, the vegetation and the numerous animal species are a testimony of the creative awesomeness of this God. A God who loves beauty. A God who cares about the big picture but is also immensely interested in the minutest detail.

He clothes the lily of the valley in beauty and He cares and loves every single being on the face of the earth.

The God who makes sure every tree in the savannahs is correctly planted is surely interested in us as individuals. If we will lean on Him and trust Him like every tree and every creature in the savannah does He will definitely perfect all that concerns us.

The savannahs are indeed marvellous but they pale in comparison to the magnificence and the splendour God wants to manifest in us.

God planted the savannahs, may we allow Him to plant His seed of excellence in us and nurture it to perfection that even the savannahs will begin to envy God’s handiwork in us!

Catch you soon in the realm of excellence LolaA  🙂