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Nothing Good Comes Easy!!!

50 years ago a group of people marched on Washington, most of them were black but there were white faces scattered among them.

The people marched with a mission, a purpose, a resolve and some of them were willing to pay with their lives.

What did they want, why were they marching, what had caused so many people from all walks of life to come out of the woodwork?

Equality! That was what they wanted. Equal rights, equal opportunities, equal jobs, equal washrooms and equal seats on buses. That’s what they wanted and that’s what they were marching for.
As far as they knew God had created all humans equal and none were more equal than others.

Martin Luther King Jnr had a dream and he knew that that dream could well cost him his life. He knew that to achieve something out of the ordinary, to change the status quo there would be costs, high costs. He told his fellow campaigners that success might not be theirs until they are ready to risk everything.

No risk, no venture; no risk, no freedom; no risk, no breakthrough; no risk, no jobs; no risk, no equality; no risk, no success.

Martin Luther King Jnr stepped out of his comfort zone, he took a grave risk and he spoke about his dreams.  His dreams of equality in a then segregated America, his dreams of equal opportunity for his children, his dreams of people being selected based on their abilities and not the colour of their skin.

He did eventually pay the ultimate price for his dreams that seemed rather weird in America of the sixties. But he had long before made it known that he was willing to make the sacrifice, he was willing to pay the price for the emancipation of his beloved people in his beloved homeland.

Being a minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ I strongly believe Brother King took strength and inspiration from his Saviour. I believe he must have placed his times and his life in the hands of the giver of life as he sought to better the lives of his brothers and sisters.

Maybe he wasn’t perfect; Jesus is the only perfect man who has walked this earth. Maybe he made some mistakes; it’s expected of a human being.  But he knew Whom he had believed, he knew what he had believed and he was ready to stand up and be counted for what he believed.

As he stood up to be counted he knew fully well that he may eventually be shot down and not just with words. But he was ready to give whatever it took cause he knew that nothing good came easy.

In 2013 part of Martin’s dream has been fulfilled, there is a black man in the White House. Many of Pastor King’s contemporaries may have found it hard to envision it but with Jesus all things are possible!

What is your dream today? Do you have one? Remember without a dream, without a vision the people perish.

Take hold of your dream today and march forward with Master Jesus for with Him all things are possible.

Good things may not come easy, but good things will come once we are ready to pay the price. So let’s get our hands dirty, let’s put on our marching boots and let’s go and fulfil some dreams!

Catch ya at the victory parade!