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I Once Met A Man…

Some years ago I was introduced to a man. He was tall dark and handsome or at least I thought he was. He really seemed to be up my street. I, who from time to time can be tongue tied and not know what to say didn’t stop talking. He listened intently to all I had to say nodding gently to encourage me to say more. I was able to pour my heart out rest assured my secrets were safe with him.

When I stopped to catch my breath and smiled sheepishly he responded with a broad smile of his own. He didn’t condemn me or frown at my inabilities, mistakes or misdemeanours instead he gently led me on a more suitable path which led to a more fulfilling life. He really seemed a cool guy and I decided to ‘Like’ him.

Over the years he has always been there for me, giving me words of wisdom when I needed them most, holding my hand and gently prodding me in the right direction when I was confused. When I was fearful he wrapped his arms around me and held me tight, never letting me go.

When I had a fever he bathed me in lukewarm water, he rubbed soothing balm on my pain and put healing oil in my wounds. He was there when my irritable bowel syndrome played up and he never left my side during the several operations I underwent. When my doctor was at his wits end he calmed his nerves and opened his mind to new insights.

Like many, if not most ordinary normal folks I’ve been through many difficult, stressful and emotionally overwhelming times, but did he leave me, no not once, he never even threatened to. He stood firmly beside me giving me all the support and security I needed, when he proclaimed “we are in this together”, he meant it from the bottom of his heart.

When money became tight fisted and food threatened to walk off the table he made sure I always had enough to eat and appropriate clothes to wear. He is a friend indeed and not just in word. He’s not out for what he can get, but is always looking for ways to give.

I have not always been the best of persons but he has managed to always bring out the best in me.

When I feel lonely he tells me I’m not alone cos I have him
When I feel weary he tells me I’m strong cos I have him
When I’m threaten with depression I can smile cos I have him
When I feel like throwing-in the towel he gives me a glimpse  of a better tomorrow.


That man I met many years ago has been everything to me, a friend, a  brother, a sister, a mother, a father, a husband, a wife, a colleague, a doctor, a dentist, a pastor, a helper in every sense of the word. He has been everything I’ve wanted him to be. The greatest thing about it all is that he has never complained.

When I sit on the floor and ball my eyes out, he puts a hand round my shoulder and gives me the softest of tissue to wipe away the tears. When I’m stubborn he just smiles and gently prods me to change, and when I throw my toys out of the pram in a fit he picks them up without a word of complaint.

This man I met is so loving, caring and kind. He is unassuming, gentle and great to be with. With him there are no airs and I can be myself. I can let my hair down and have a roller coaster of fun and at other times I can wear my pin-striped suit and talk serious business. He is all and everything to me. When I was dining in king’s palaces he was there and when I got thrown out on the street he picked me up and re-housed me.

I have never met anyone like him and in all honesty I doubt if anyone like him exists. That is why I have decided to ‘Follow’ him. If he’s on Facebook I’ll follow him there, I’ll follow him on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and WordPress. Wherever he goes I will follow, wherever he leads I will follow. He has promised to never leave me nor forsake me and I have promised to diligently follow him. If he is at #thebible I will follow and if it’s #scriptures that is where you will find me.

The sweet name of the man I met, that wonderful friend is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, a friend indeed. Jesus the King of all Kings and the Lord of all lords. The one who will never leave me nor forsake me that I may be bold to say the Lord is my helper and I shall not fear what man shall do unto me.

Today I invite you to join me in following the greatest person whoever walked upon this earth, Follow Jesus!


Smile!I remain a follower of Jesus, catch you soon, LolaA