Does The End Justify the Means?

Some say the end justifies the means! Does it? Does the end really justify the means?

To the person who lies, cheats, pushes, punches, pretends, defrauds, pulls down, kicks and destroys others in order to get to the “top” and says it doesn’t matter, that the only thing that matters is getting to the top. I’d say that’s Incredulous! I’d say you’re highly deluded, in fact you’re imagining things.

How Long Can It Last?

It is said that many days (possibly chances) are given to the thief, but one fine day the owner is going to claim everything back! Believe me deceit will never last for ever.
Ask the English DJ, television presenter, media personality and charity fundraiser who died in October 2011. He truly thought he had gotten away with ‘it’, his dual lifestyle and happily went to the grave with the prefix ‘Sir’ before his name. Alas even in death his antics caught up with him, he was stripped to the bones and not just physically. Exposed as a child abuser people fled from the name faster than lightning, his gravestone eulogy was pulled down and his family bowed their heads, the glory had turned to gloom.

And this week there’s another bloke on the block, he was invincible, or so he thought, he rode high and wide and achieved fame and fortune and all the ecteras at least for a while.  Another “catch me if you can” and the powers that be did just that. Some may say that he’s coming out of the ‘closet’ of his own free will, no such luck darling. It’s a calculated attempt at damage control.

We All Need Some Form of Restraint

Maybe I should take that back, afterall I have my own skeletons, yea they may not look so deformed but that might just be because I lacked opportunity. Put in the same circumstances who knows what any one of us would do.

God’s Word Translation of Jeremiah 17 verse 9 says: “The human mind is the most deceitful of all things. It is incurable. No one can understand how deceitful it is.”

The truth is that as mere mortals we inherently lack control and restraint. If there is no-one there to stop us we will do whatever, whenever, however, to whoever and woe betide you if you cross our paths. If we could do it then we would. On many occasions people have been asked “why did you do that? Why did you treat Tom, Dick, Harry or even Susan so badly?” The simple answer is often “because I could!” (Although sometimes it’s implied and not actually spoken).

It is because of our brazenness that society has rules and regulations, laws that must be obeyed.

A Magnificent Standard

If we truly want to stand out in society and be a cut above the rest that will stand the test of time then we need to hold ourselves to even higher values than society demands. Average won’t do the trick, and if we cut corners to get accolades, the truth will eventually find us out and being in the information age that we are I’ll put my money on the truth exposing us sooner than later, I very much doubt we’ll be able to take our secrets to the grave 🙂

One higher standard to which we can hold ourselves is the ‘Book of the Law’, as Joshua tells us in the eighth verse of the first chapter of his book:

“This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate
on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is
written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will
have success.” (NASB)

Not just success, but ‘good’ success can be obtained by following God’s Word to the letter, taking it and applying it literally. There are so many controls and massively great pieces of advice in the Word that even if we miss our way momentarily we will soon be drawn back to ‘the way’ if we keep reading the Word.

You want to stand before kings and not mean men the secret is in the Word
You want to be top of your game the secret is in the Word
Maybe wealth is what you’re looking for, the secret is in the Word, ask Solomon
Maybe you’re an IT geek and you’re thinking next generation software, the answer you’ll be pleased to know is in the Word.
For wisdom above that of your teachers, turn to the Word!

Please don’t be fooled into thinking the Word has passed its ‘sell-by-date’, it doesn’t have a sell-by-date. The Father God is the most current being you’ll ever come across, so current he knows for sure, as in definitely, what will happen in the year 3000 that is if there is going to be a year 3000.
Imagine, 2000 years ago He told us about tagging human beings, He told us about ‘big brother’ and how the state will start ‘watching you’. Only He didn’t call it tagging so people didn’t take Him seriously.
Now in 2013 we are on the verge of tagging human beings and people are taking it in their stride. A quick question what percentage of your money do you spend in cash? What about on the Internet can you spend cash there? And pray tell me what percentage of people with secure access to the Internet have not shopped there? To shop on the Internet you need a card (credit/debit whatever) and very soon that card with all your personal information will be embedded on your person, please take my word for it.

That higher calling we desire can be found explicitly in the Word of God may we embrace it with two hands!

Please drop me a line on what you think…there’s no stopping us in 2013, we shall achieve and we shall do it right…catch ya later LolaA.



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  1. I really enjoyed theology. We do have to be above society at least what as become.

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