Actually I think that title is a little presumptuous. I’ll probably do well to change it to “what is your other hand holding?” Or maybe I’ll just crave your indulgence instead J.

Many societies have one superstition or another, for example, many regard the number 13 as unlucky or notorious. As a result many tall buildings don’t have a thirteenth floor, nobody would want to stay on it, and some streets don’t even have a 13th house.

For some strange reason less developed societies seem to be even more superstitious, maybe it helps the people transfer the responsibility for their woes, blame someone else, or blame the ‘gods’ if there is no human being in sight.

In many African cultures the left hand is very infamous, receiving something from a left hand would be considered a bad omen and at best an insult. Many small time traders would refuse to receive money from someone handing it to them with the left hand and would ask you to transfer it to your right hand before giving it to them.

As a result the left hand is considered the less active of the two hands and thus metaphorically could be used to store things that needed to be kept safe. Where pen and paper are not the norm, a person sending you with an important message to another person would request that you store the message in your left hand where it would be safe. Since using your left fingers to eat would be a taboo, there shouldn’t be any reason for you to lose the message, metaphorically of course.   

That is why I ask you “what have you stored in your left hand”, is it good, is it bad, or is it ugly?

Often times we can store things in our left hands that can be a constant drain on our wellbeing and a hindrance to us in general.

For instance we could store un-forgiveness in our left hands, this could be involuntary or deliberate, unfortunately the result would be the same. Un-forgiveness is a dead weight that has the capacity to stagnate us, we will begin to move around in circles not making any progress and we’ll be wondering what the problem is.

Deliberate un-forgiveness – you’ve been so badly hurt you can’t even contemplate forgiving the individual(s) involved, your left hand is tightly closed and as far as you are concerned it’s going to stay that way. I’m not going to pretend to understand your particular circumstance, I have very limited abilities and frankly I have my own hurts and pains to deal with.

The good news however is that there is someone who has gone through every hurt and pain a human being can go through and has come out with His left hand wide open. He’s been through the worst of the worst, you name it, He’s experienced it and worst, He’s been there, done that and has the pierced hands and side to show for it! He’s name is Jesus and trust me when I say He can help you to very slowly open the fingers of your left hand and let the hurt and pain dissolve away. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, I know it’s not, from experience I know it can be very hard, but it is possible, believe me.

At times we don’t even realise our left hand is closed, we assume we have forgiven and moved on. Then something happens and it all comes flooding back, the bad memories, the hurt, the pain, warts and all………Suddenly we are down in the doldrums again and it’s like it happened just yesterday, back come the sleepless nights, the anger the bitterness and all sorts of evil.

How can we open our left hands? By pouring out our hearts to our Saviour, telling Him exactly how it is, no embellishments, no flowery language and no half-truths, He knows the truth anyway but He does need us to spell it out, for our own good.    

It’s said a ‘problem shared is a problem halved’; a problem given to our Saviour is a problem that can be released into the stratosphere never to be reclaimed. Talk it over with Jesus, simple words like you’re talking to your best mate, He’s eager to listen, hear what you have to say and then He’ll apply the remedy. He’s the Balm in Gilead (Jeremiah 8:22). He’ll ease your pain and take away your hurts, trust Him; I guarantee that a trial will not only convince you it’ll have you hooked for life.

Artists’ impressions of Jesus often show Him with both hands open and stretched out, I suppose there are many theories on why His hands are depicted in such a manner, and your guess is probably as good as mine. However it sure does show that He is not storing anything in His left hand and if He isn’t, neither should you or I!

Have a good one, cheers, LolaA








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