For physical training is of some value (useful for a little), but godliness (spiritual training) is useful and of value in everything and in every way, for it holds promise for the present life and also for the life which is to come. (1Timothy 4:8)


The Goliath of Athletics
When I see Usain Bolt I think of Goliath and Usain is definitely a giant of athletics. He’s a legend and he’s got his ‘double double’. Two times Olympic gold medal winner in the 100metres sprint and two times Olympic gold medal winner in the 200metres sprint. The first man to ever do so, a big thumbs up to him, as some would say more and more grease to his elbows.

The truth is, there’s an’ Usain Bolt’ on the inside of each one of us. It might not be a sprinting Usain Bolt and it might not be a swimming Michael Phelps but there is definitely something there that sets us apart from everybody else. Something unique about us, just like our finger prints and DNA are unique.

Greatness is Lurking in the Dark
If we have not yet discovered what our own ‘Usain Bolt’ is then we need to dig deep, maybe go on a voyage of discovery and come up with our very own ‘New Found Land’, our very own utopia.

It doesn’t have to be sports, definitely not, it could be teaching geography; fixing cars or making money from the stock market, but it’s in there somewhere. Your own talent, something you love and something you’re good at…..You may not be the best, not yet, but that is where the ‘Bolt’ factor comes into play.

Ask anybody who is any good at what they do, it took and still takes hard work and no, it didn’t just happen overnight.

If you want to talk about being the best, that’s a different story altogether. That is a story of discipline, hard work, commitment, sacrifice, midnight candles, no nights out, no TV, etc. etc…….

Is it hard? Yes! Does it pay off in the long run? Yes, yes and yes! Just ask Usain Bolt, he feels on top of the world right now and he deserves it cause he’s worked hard. And after working hard what did he do? He worked a little harder. He put in the time, he learnt his trade, he put in the effort, he trained hard. He blocked out the pleasures of life for seasons together, he focused, yea he focused on his dreams, he saw with eyes of faith his ‘double double’ and he pursued it relentlessly.

Was there opposition, there was plenty, opponents were many, sowers of doubt were ten a penny, but Usain kept his eye on the prize. With unflinching determination he stayed the course, in the good times and in the bad, in the sunshine and in the hailstones.

It doesn’t matter what’s thrown at you, what you do with what’s thrown at you is what will determine your position in life, your position in history, even if it’s just the his-story of your family.

Decide to make it a story worth telling!

It’s an Olympic year and Usain Bolt has made history in 9.63 seconds and then he did it again in 19.32 seconds, but those seconds were backed with many many years of preparation. It flashed before our eyes but in truth it was a long arduous journey.

 It’s the year 2012 and we are spectators in Usain Bolt’s story, many of us only took part in the clapping event  L    

Make Your Story a Good One!
However we have our own stories to write and we cannot afford to be spectators. We cannot afford to allow others to write us ‘in’ or write us ‘out’ at their whims and caprices. We are the lead actors and we must determine to set the pace, to lead and to lead from the front.

By our actions, our determination, our focus, our refusal to take no for an answer, our refusal to rest on our oars and our refusal to be put down, we can take hold of all that life has to offer us.

Usain Bolt has come, he has seen, and he has conquered.

We also have come, we have seen and continue to see and by the grace of our Saviour we too shall conquer!

May the ‘Usain Bolt’ in you shine through!

Listen it’s the rumblings of thunder……Now is as good a time as any for your ‘Bolt’ of lightning!!!  


Need to dash, my 9.63 seconds are waiting, LolaA


P.S. Just heard on the radio that Usain Bolt sent a twitter message to the effect that he couldn’t have achieved what he did without God. Nice one Usain (y).



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