Our Father Doesn’t Do Things Haphazardly Neither Should We!

Whilst reading the account of the women who went to check out Jesus’ tomb on the Sunday after His burial I was quite intrigued to learn that the ladies got themselves ready the night before by buying the spices they needed. Now, I’ve read this piece of scripture in the amplified version of Mark’s gospel several times before but on this particular occasion this fact jumped out at me. For a minute I even thought I had read it wrong until I re-read it.  🙂
In Mark 16:1-2 we see Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome buying spices on the evening of the Sabbath day, when the Sabbath was officially over, so that they would be prepared for their early morning visit to the tomb.
When thinking of planning ahead another event in scripture that comes to mind is the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet with a very expensive perfume and wiped them with her hair when the naysayers kicked off Jesus said she had done it in preparation for His burial……hmm planning ahead!
(John 12:1-8, Luke 7:36-50, Matthew 26:6-13)
The disciples knowing that Jesus was a man who loved to do things decently and in order (1 Corinthians 14:40) asked Jesus well ahead of time where He would want them to get ready for their Passover celebrations. As is the custom of our Father when He gives a vision He always makes the provision, God had already alerted someone that Jesus and His disciples will be using his house for the Passover and the disciples just went to put the finishing touches Mark 14:12-16.
Some might wonder does planning negate faith in God, I for one don’t think so.
In Genesis God planted the garden before placing His children in it, vegetation and the animals were in existence before man and God gave man the garden as his own little corner.
The Lord wants us to have absolute faith and trust in His ability to meet our every need and provide for us, he doesn’t want us to be anxious or to worry. We could say He wants us to be carefree, i.e. free of worries, but He is not expecting us to be careless. All the abilities we have come from the Lord, He wants us to use them for His glory, this includes doing all the planning and preparation we can do and leaving Him to do those things that are His preserve.
At times, as Christians we use the excuse of our faith to put off making the plans we are well able to make. As we believe God for success in our exams and interviews, for promotions and salary rises, to secure contracts and be accepted for mortgages and other schemes we should do all we can possibly do and then trust the Lord to grant us favour and good success.
Please give me your thoughts on ‘The Christian and Planning’
Catch you later, LolaA


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