The Triumphant Entry

Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us
  Roman 8:37

The bible tells us that there is a time for everything and when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on what is now known as Palm Sunday He came peacefully. There will be a time when He will ride a galloping horse for the final show down with the enemy, but on Palm Sunday He came in peace. He rode on a donkey that had been decorated by His disciples and the people hailed Him as a king for indeed He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

However one thing that was significant about the ride is that it is symbolic of a victory ride, or should I say it was indeed a victory ride. Albeit a victory ride before the battle had even been fought. Yes! Our Father has a beautiful habit of calling those things that are not as though they were…..(Romans 4:17).
He spoke and the universe came into existence and His words are just as powerful today, His words always prosper and they always produce results.

So even though Jesus had not yet gone to the cross, He hadn’t yet taken upon Himself our sins, He hadn’t yet fought with the devil and He hadn’t yet gone down to hades to declare victory to the saints in waiting, but our God had already declared Him victorious. And if God says He’s a winner who in heaven, on earth or beneath the earth can say otherwise?

When I ‘Googled’  ‘the triumphant entry’ all the responses on the first page were referencing Jesus’ victorious entry into Jerusalem there was even a YouTube video:  The Triumphant Entry Even the world recognises that ride of victory.

Just like when Jesus walked the face of this earth, the Father God has already seen all of our battles, those we have fought, those we are fighting and those we will fight tomorrow and He has declared us the winner of every single battle! Circumstances and even our minds may want to tell us otherwise, but those are lies form the pit of hell. Jesus says if we can believe, all things are possible to him who believes (Mark 9: 23).

So it’s up to us whose report are we going to believe. Are we going to believe the economy and our pay packet or lack of it? Are we going to put our trust in our present situation, our boss, our teachers, or our leaders? Or are we going to dig deep into God’s Word and find the promises that relate to our situation, for there is always a Word for the here and now. Are we going to hold God at His Word, believing, trusting in and confessing it, until it (the Word) is positively manifested in our lives?

He did it for Jesus, the first born among many brethren and He will do it for us, all we have to do is believe.

Yes, there are still battles ahead, the devil, the world, or our flesh always has some dirt to throw in our faces, but we can be confident that if we have absolute trust and faith in our God, then victory is 100% certain.

Beloved, the rains may fall and the floods may rise, the storms may blow and the battles may rage, but when we stand on the solid rock Jesus, we will never, ever be swayed.

He may not be promising an uneventful ride (that would be boring wouldn’t it), but He is definitely promising that we will arrive our destination safe and sound, not just in one piece but with the bells of victory clanging to welcome us.

So when at times the troubles seem to overwhelm us and our tears seem to bath us, may we boldly look up with our eyes of faith and behold the victory our Saviour wrought for us on Calvary and may we remember that failure is not an option because victory is sure, it has already been proclaimed!

Have a great Easter


See ya on the victory mount, LolaA



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