“The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).” (John 10: 10 Amp)

A Great Statistic
According to Wikipedia the religion with the most adherents in the world is Christianity. That’s all well and good, a great statistic, the question is, are we pulling our weight?

One definition of a Christian is a follower or a disciple of Jesus; someone who believes Jesus is the Christ or the Messiah. I believe as Christians we need to act on what we believe! Just like our Master we need to positively influence our environment, for too long the devil has held us in a state of timidity having stolen our authority. He’s trodden under foot our dreams of doing great things for the Kingdom, taken away our hopes, our confidence and our aspirations.

But my dear brother and sister the time has come for us to take back that which the devil has stolen. It doesn’t belong to him, it’s ours by divine right and if we don’t take it back nobody will.

The Victory
Christ wrought victory for us at Calvary and He’s waving the flag in heaven, His banner of love over us. Yes! The devil has been defeated but he still tries to deceive us that he has some control, some power and unfortunately we’ve allowed him for countless years.

The Power of Prayer
The war has been won but there are pockets of dissention we need to deal with on our knees. It’s not a physical battle because the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Every stronghold will definitely be pulled down, thing is will we be able to say we were there and we played our part?

The children sing a song:  Prayer is the key 
                                           Prayer is the key 
                                           Prayer is the master key…..

It is so very true. It is through prayer that we will be able to take possession of that which is rightfully ours.

All over the world things are getting harder and tougher, there’s more sadness, more violence, more crime, more poverty, more seemingly helplessness. We can however change things and it’s on our knees that we can get the job done.

Technology is moving ahead and there are so many things we can now do which in the very recent past were near impossible. We can ‘Skype’ people thousands of miles away, but we don’t bother to speak to or even acknowledge our next door neighbour.

What Would He Have Us Do?
There are two things I’m getting at here, two responsibilities the Lord has given us which He wants us to fulfil:

Ø  He wants us to pray so that His will that has been settled in heaven may be established on earth

Ø  He wants us to demonstrate His love to the world .         

Its true serving the Lord often entails us leaving our comfort zone and doing something extraordinary it’s what our Lord did and it’s what He expects of us.

For this is our time
Our time to shine
Our time to show the saints in heaven that we also have what it takes to bring a smile to the Lord’s face
Our time to put the devil in his place!

Let us arise together as God’s people all over the earth and let us take back our joy, take back our peace, take back our dignity!!!


Catch you soon LolaA




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