As I was channel hopping a couple of nights ago I came across a film about the
true life story of Sandra Laing, a dark skinned lady born to white parents in
the then apartheid South Africa. No, her mother had not been unfaithful; some
dormant genes in one of her parent’s lineage had decided to surface and chose
her as the honourable recipient. The result, her early years and many of those
that followed were some sort of a nightmare.

Called names and regarded as inferior in her first primary school she was eventually
escorted off the premises by two policemen, her ‘crime’, a skin colour that
didn’t match the all white environment. The apartheid government of the day
reclassified her as ‘coloured’ effectively taking away the privileges she
enjoyed under her white classification. Her parents fought a long drawn out
battle to get the decision reversed, they eventually succeeded but not long
after that, as a teenager Sandra decided that the blacks understood her better
and she eloped with a married black man.


Unfortunately after the death of their third child and some financial setbacks
her husband succumbed to the challenges of life, he took to the bottle and the
physical abuse of his wife, she had to flee with her two children to prevent an
early departure to the great beyond.

Searching for Sandra Laing on the Internet I learnt that she went through several more
challenges and setbacks over the years before attaining some sort of normalcy
late in life.

In the film as a child, Sandra asks “what did I do wrong?” A great question but the simple
answer is nothing! The happenstance of her birth left her fighting lifetime
battles with both family and foes alike. I believe that the fighting spirit she
apparently inherited from her father gave her the wherewithal to climb the
‘Mount Everests’ of her life and through the thick and the thin eventually
reach their peaks. Her persevering attitude seems to be at great odds to that
of her first husband, who although he began the climb well full of energy and
great hopes for the future, floundered at the first sight of snow.


We all face challenges in life and just like the length and breadth of our fingers each
person’s own differs. What is the same is the question or questions we need to
ask ourselves:

Are we man enough to look our challenges in the face and vow to floor them even if it’s the last thing we do?

Are we woman enough to surmount each of the mountains placed in our paths and come down victoriously on the other side?

We are able, but are we willing to go through the valleys, the troughs and the lonely places of our lives with a smile and the grace of the Lord?

Challenges are a standard practice in life, they are part of life itself, if you haven’t
experienced any in the past ten years you are probably hibernating six feet
within the ground. What is not so standard is our response to challenges.

We must of necessity resolve to lift our heads high, to look unto the hills and receive
strength from our creator. He desperately wants us to succeed. To overcome each and every challenge that comes our way

In Jesus we can and in Jesus we will!

Have a good one, talk later, LolaA


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