What is Faith?

It can be defined as great trust or confidence in something or someone, and as Christians our trust and confidence is in the Lord our God. Karl Marx is quoted as saying “religion
is the opium of the people”. In my opinion if people get high on Jesus and not
some illegal drug that will twist their minds then so be it.

For me however being a child of God is not about religion it’s about a way of life. A
life in which I desire to showcase the glory of God, a life in which I
demonstrate the true nature of the one I serve. For my God is a loving Father
who cares for people, who desires to mend the broken hearted and heal the sick,
His mission is to give hope to the seemingly down and out.

Hope, what is that?

Hope can be said to be, the feeling that what is wanted can be had, or that
events will turn out for the best. Hope is the ability to look beyond your
today, your present circumstances or situation and know deep down on the inside
that tomorrow will be better!

If one lacks hope then there’s the tendency to walk around in gloom and doom and to struggle to see the reason for one’s existence. We can however decide that the
pity-party is over; we can remove our focus from the seemingly hopeless
situation and focus on the One who is bigger and greater than us, the One who is
bigger and greater than every situation, the awesome God who created the heavens
and the earth.

When we place our faith in the King of kings, the One who never changes but has the
ability to change every and / or any situation, then we will definitely have
hope for a better tomorrow. It’s not just a feel good situation, it’s not just
euphoria for that moment, but its energy bursting on the inside that propels us
to arise and do the things that will bring about the desired change, it’s faith
in action. Faith with the accompanying mobility to produce success.

And Love?

Our faith in an awesome God, our hope in His ability to give us a better tomorrow will cause us to experience the Love of God. His love is always there for the taking, thing is, at times we decline to receive it.

Wrapped up in self pity no one can get through to us, the clouds blocking our view of the
horizon. But when we allow the light of the Son of God in, we will begin to see
clearly, the rain will stop and we will begin to shine and triumph in a seemingly dark world.

Our heavenly Father stands with arms stretched out carrying the weight of the
world and with tender loving fingers he counts the hairs on our heads and makes
sure none fall off before their time. He wants to embrace us, give us a bear
hug and carry us swiftly to our destination.

God is love, personified in His Son Jesus the Christ, when we receive that love we receive
faith for another victorious day and hope for better tomorrows.

And hope maketh not ashamed!


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