‘Pray without ceasing‘ 1Thessalonians 5:7

Brain Dead Moment
Yesterday I made some decisions that were just not it, to be blunt they were rubbish, they
were off the mark, they didn’t follow any logic and they were just plain stupid.
So after my five minutes of madness I spent the rest of the day feeling sorry
for myself and fretting over the possible outcomes.

The last thing I could bring myself to do was to pray about the situation, I had been
dumb and that was that. I was embarrassed and didn’t even know where to start
when it came to talking to the Lord about it, so I pushed it as far inside me
as I could and tried to get some sleep.

What Should I Say as I Pray
I woke up very early this morning thinking about the situation and what an idiot I’d
been. Something on the inside of me said I should pray, but I just kept wondering
what I should I say? Eventually I summed up courage and began to pray in my
prayer language.

As I prayed the burden of my stupidity began to lift, the consequences of my irrational
actions were still very much apparent but as I spoke to the Lord their intensity
seemed to diminish.

Yea, I’d had my ‘brain dead’ moment but contrary to what it seemed, it wasn’t the end of the world, by allowing God into my situation I regained the confidence to know that
I can pick up the pieces of my mess and move on.

Prayer Changes Things
It is said that ‘prayer changes things’, how true, it also changes our perspective on
things, with Jesus at our side, we will we overcome every obstacle and fight
every battle until we have victory, amen.

Often times when we need to pray we just don’t seem to have the strength to begin to talk
to the Lord, but once we take that first step, it becomes so much easier and
the words begin to flow.

Our Loving Father
We can definitely take heart in the fact that God is not some stern, angry being looking to punish us for every misstep. He is infact our loving Father, eager to lift us up whenever we stumble, so that we may live victorious lives.

I give Him praise.

Love to hear your take on this, have a great week, LolaA


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