The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice

Ezekiel was a prophet of God who was in captivity in Babylon
along with other Jews.

In the book of Ezekiel chapters 45, 46 and thereabouts the
prophet is in a vision when the Lord gives him information regarding how the
new Temple is to be built and how the sacrifices are to be made on a daily

Reading these chapters one of the things that come to mind
is how orderly and organised our God is, He believes in detail, He’s not a
haphazard God, as you often hear Christians say ‘things must be done decently
and in order’.  I’m sure a little dose of
organisation won’t do anybody any harm and some of us can actually do with an
extra large dose. Perhaps it will help us to spend less time looking for our
keys in the morning, the keys that we left on the mantelpiece the night before,
but somehow turn up under the sofa the next day, who said keys can’t walk……

We learn about the animals that were to be sacrificed to the
Lord on a daily basis, the sheer magnitude of these sacrifices give us reason
to thank the Lord that we no longer have to slaughter animals to wash away our

The Lord Jesus Christ has gone to the cross, He has been slaughtered once and
for all, for all time and for everybody, His blood has been shed and our sins
have been washed away. The blood of Jesus never runs dry; it’s glistening on
the cross, before our Father’s eyes, enabling our sins to continually be

The best bit however is that Jesus is no longer on the cross,
Jesus is no longer in the grave, He has risen from the dead and become the
first fruits among many brethren…….. Praise the Lord.

Think about it, sacrificing a number of animals on a daily
basis would be pretty prohibitive in this day and age, and I strongly suspect
cloned animals will be unacceptable to the Holy God. Thank God for Jesus, whose
blood has done all the hard work!

All we have to do now is accept the sacrifice, accept the gift, accept Jesus as
our Lord and Saviour and the blood will atone for us now and till eternity…………

To my mind that is what Easter is all about, the gift of Jesus,
and what a beautiful gift He is!

Have a wonderful weekend, catch you later, LolaA


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