Out Of The Miry Clay

Out Of The Miry Clay

‘The Mood’ Days
Good old fashioned me, knelt by my bedside in a bid to talk to the Lord.
As part of my rumblings I found myself thanking the Lord for lifting me out of the couple of down days I had during the past week. By down days I mean ‘deep deep down there’ days, when, try as you may you just can’t seem to shake off the moodiness and low spiritedness that seems to engulf you. Medical science might want to call it depression and even recommend some medication, but despite my background, depression is not something I’ll associate with myself.

Hormone Warfare
As a member of the fairer sex I have the good fortune to be able to blame it (moodiness) on my hormones, but I do sincerely believe it has something to do with them. For reasons you otherwise can’t explain, you find a massive cloud has blackened out your sunshine and bitchiness and irritation are in full swing. The very slightest upset and you’re either in tears or having a rave shouting at everyone and anyone.

Any Solutions
The funny thing is we all seem to know the symptoms and even the causes but I haven’t heard of any solutions in circulation??
Solutions, suggestions are highly welcome, but I’m not keen on the idea of popping any pills, thanks in advance 🙂

I must confess, however, that the past week was a particularly bad one and as I was enduring the bumpy ride I remember asking the Lord on several occasions to help me. He definitely came through for me and that is why I had every reason to thank Him as I reflected.

A song that came to mind is:

He brought me out of the miry clay,
He put my feet on the rock to stay.
He put a song in my soul today,
and now I can shout hallelujah.

The Lord definitely lifted me up last week and I say thank you Lord.

I know a lot of people turn to music when they have the doldrums it can be quite soothing and uplifting, what do you do?

One other thought, do the macho sex also have raging hormones, I hear they go through man-o-pause and mid-life crisis, is there any other thing they can blame for their moods, when they come?

Please get in touch with your thoughts and solutions on these issues, have a great week LolaA


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