Business Lunches

When a business associate or acquaintance invites you for lunch your guards are likely to go up. If you decide to take him / her up on the offer your guards are likely to be put on red alert, what happens the minute you walk into the restaurant will depend on how much of an acquaintance the business associate is. If you’re friends or almost friends your first words are likely to be somewhere around: “So, what’s this ‘lunch’ all about?”
 If your relationship is still a bit awkward you might have to endure the small talk and even the meal, which obviously won’t go down very smoothly, and possibly over coffee you might finally get to the real reason why you are both there.

We Also Know That Trick

Like our local supermarkets you and I probably won’t be beaten on price either! When your son, daughter, parent, colleague, friend, associate or someone else you know suddenly becomes overtly nice your first instinct might be to check the date. No it’s not your birthday, neither is it Christmas; the last one was just three months ago. You’re very likely to ask a direct question, “How exactly can I help you?”  The answer of course is a smile that says, “Well, I know you’ve caught me in the act, but……………………”

Can You Really ‘Buy One, Get One Free’?

The world has taught us that there are no ‘free lunches’ and we totally accept that, and I guess that for the most part it’s true, someone, somewhere is footing the bill. You have a ‘free’ bus pass, thank God for your life, I’m sure there’s someone you know somewhere who will tell you how he/she pays through his/her nose to get into the city on a daily basis.
‘Buy one, get one free’, all the costs have been covered trust me. The manufacturer or big time supermarket knows that we all like to feel we’ve bagged a bargain so they use just a little bit of psychology. Up the price for one packet of a particular item a little bit and then tell the customer you can get two for the price of one. Yes, you may ultimately be saving a couple of pennies, but hey everybody’s a winner, cos they get to move two pieces of their product and hopefully you get hooked and keep coming back for more!

A Gift For Mothers

It was therefore very refreshing when in church today all mothers and mothers-in-waiting were presented with a very nice set of fashion jewellery.
Yes, I know, it didn’t drop from heaven, that people had given tithes and offerings, but it really was a very nice gesture! Who doesn’t like to receive a gift, and a gift is even more meaningful and appreciated when it’s not expected.
Let’s face it, if your spouse, parent(s), or grown child forgets to send a card (or something more) on your birthday you’re likely to feel just a little disappointed. The world has made it such that we expect to receive something no matter how small to commemorate the day we were born. When a present however comes out of the blue, with no strings attached, it really has a way of lifting our hearts.

The Joy Of Giving

I’m sure you have experienced the joy of giving! It’s great to see the sparkle in your daughter’s eyes when she unwraps her Christmas present, or the smile on your father’s face when the shoes you get him for his birthday are the exact pair he had been constantly browsing in the catalogue, but felt it unwise to spend ‘that much’ money on.

The Lord said: “It is more blessed (makes one happier and more to be envied) to give than to receive.”

When we give we take on a key character trait of our heavenly Father, and we demonstrate His love to world that is crying out for love.
Illicit sex, drugs, alcohol, people are trying to fill a void an emptiness that just doesn’t seem to go away, indeed the more one delves into such things the emptier one seems to feel.

So what did our Father do? He decided to give us the ultimate free lunch: “Come dine with Jesus”, He said, it’s all been paid for and there are no strings attached!

To reserve your free ticket please log on to www.thebible.com and place your order via the John chapter 3 verse 16 link , time is limited so please don’t delay, book your place today!

Have a good one, and Happy Mother’s Day All!


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