Books Books and More Books

Books Books and More Books

 Hi there, I decided to go and get my watch fixed today, a new battery basically. My nearest option was the watch repairer in the shopping mall; he was happy to do it but asked me to come back in one and a half hours as there were other customers ahead of me. Since it was a shopping mall and a Sunday afternoon I didn’t object too much to the time I was being asked to kill…. I went to Starbucks for a coffee and a light brunch, picked up a few grocery items in the supermarket and still had a couple of minutes to spare.

I said to myself let me pop-in to W H Smith and see what the headlines in the papers are; walking through the book section I sort of got stuck. Looking at all the biographies and autobiographies on sale I just smiled to myself, partly in disbelieve. Everybody who has been on television, even if just for a day, or in a film had written their story and it was freely on sale for you and me to buy. All the X-Factor contestants (the UK version of Pop-Idol), all the chefs and every TV presenter, there was even a book about the Ashes 2011[i] and I’m thinking to myself the tournament has barely finished yet there’s already a book telling us how it was won and lost.


I flipped through the book about the X-Factor boy band, plenty of colourful pictures which I’m sure their fans will relish, a foreword by Simon Cowell and then their stories about how they grew up etc., all good I guess. I didn’t pick up the one about the Ashes 2011 but I thought to myself the author must have probably kept a diary of the daily going on’s which he would have easily transcribed and turned into a book, that’s my thinking anyway.

Why do people tell their stories, why do we buy books about other people, because if we weren’t buying there wouldn’t be so many of them for sale, and why do we read these books if at all we do read them?

For many of the authors, I believe it’s a case of cashing in on whatever success they have while they can and that’s fair enough, make the most of now, make hay while the sun is still shining. Some may buy the books to fill up their bookshelves, of course, they have every intention of reading them when they buy them, the right moment just never seems to surface, like they say ‘tomorrow never comes’.

But it’s the people who actually read these books that fascinate me, why do they do it? Entertainment, knowledge, curiosity, maybe different blends of all three and even other reasons.
I like a good biography myself, because they are story like they tend to make for easy reading, in times past they were usually stories of success and we could learn a lot of things, how people struggled, fought against the odds and pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, inspirational stories. These days it seems anyone can get published, I hear the guy who faked his own death in order to get the insurance money, and got away with it for some time has written his memoirs from prison.

I guess the speed of the Ashes book, made me think about how important it is for each of us to keep tabs on our own lives. Each one of us has a story to tell, maybe not all of us will get to tell the world but we can certainly tell ourselves. We can look back over our lives see where we could have done things better, how we can correct our mistakes, if not the past ones, we can prevent future ones. We can be thankful for the successes we’ve had and be inspired to greater tomorrows.


The greatest story that has ever been told is ‘His-Story’ in the greatest book that has ever been sold, the world’s best seller, the Bible. Some say it’s the history of the Jews, we know it to be the story of our God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we read all the stories out there, as we read ‘His-Story’ may we all be encouraged to have inspirational stories of our own, I urge to think about this seriously:

What Will Be Said In Your Biography???

Hope to be reading about you soon, bye for now, LolaA.

[i] The 2010–11 Ashes series  was played in Australia as part of the England cricket team’s tour of Australia during the 2010–11 cricket season. Five Tests were played from 25 November 2010 to 7 January 2011. England won the series 3–1 and retained the Ashes, having won the previous series in 2009 by two Tests to one.


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