The Future ???

About thirty minutes after waking up this morning I discovered that my watch had stopped, the battery had died a natural death, I really couldn’t complain both the battery and watch had been serving me well.

As I headed for the bathroom I began to think of the inconvenience of not having a watch today, what would my substitute be? Of course my mobile phone, I know of people who permanently use their phone as their timepiece. The only problem is, that will mean I’ll have to have my phone on me at all times.

I began to think maybe one day mobile phones will be as small as a watch and then we can wear them as such, but then, will that really work with all the things we have to have on our phones these days….mobile Internet, music, a bottomless contact list, photos and all the ‘apps’ one can think of, etc. And that is by no means the end of it, our phones will soon contain our credit and debit cards, our train tickets, bus passes and on and on….. By that time the designers will probably have to come up with some means of strapping the phones to our bodies, not just hooking them on to our belts, because if such a phone got lost then we might as well get lost with it, because it will contain everything one needs to know about us.

Then suddenly it struck me, the awesome God showed these devices, whatever they turn out to be, to John the Apostle way back in the book of Revelation. Looking some two thousand years into the future it was slightly difficult for John to fathom what he was seeing, what he did make out was that everybody seemed to have a mark on their forehead and these marks identified you as belonging to the devil, via the powers that be.

That future is our present, microchips are here and they are accepted, good for child tracking, pet tracking, etc. Soon they will be good for adult tracking and at some point they will become compulsory all necessary information will be stored digitally and implanted in our bodies, we’ll never be able to lose them and ‘big brother’ as we know it today will be inconsequential compared to the information that will be available to whoever wants it at the touch of a button!

So what can we do with regards to the microchips or some similar devices that are soon coming our way? Plan to resist and reject them when they show up?
The thing is by the time microchips are here we won’t see them as a bad thing… think about that for a bit! If you got to the end of your street and realised you left your mobile phone at home what are you most likely to do, forget about it for the day, or dash back for it even though you’re already running late….. Your guess on that one is as good as mine, many of us don’t just have one device we have multiple.

What I can deduce from all this is that we need to draw closer to our God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, He definitely knows the future, what will happen tomorrow and what will happen in the next thousand years. He can and will lead and direct us if we allow Him to, given the chance He will show us how to be successful in life, and if we’re still here He’ll let us know how to handle microchips.

Your thoughts are most welcome, cheers, LolaA


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