Hello world!

Hi there and welcome to The Jesus Generation Blog!

Who are the ‘Jesus Generation’ and what may I ask is this blog all about?

Yes you may ask, indeed feel free to ask as many questions as you like, one of my personal short comings is asking questions, so when other people ask questions it makes me feel a whole lot better.  Of course I by no means profess to knowing all the answers, probably might not have any answers at all, that’s why I have to ask so many questions myself, it helps to cover up my ignorance. My desire however is to make this blog as interactive as possible and together with the help of our Saviour we’ll be able to dig out the answers, amen and amen!

My humble submissions to the above questions however are: The Jesus Generation is a diverse group of people who proudly confess that Jesus is Lord and their desire is that He may be enthroned in every area of their lives. So whether you are seven or seventy-seven (tell me about it), and you have Jesus as your Saviour then you are a member of the Jesus Generation, please stamp your feet in praise!

And what is this blog all about, it’s all about JESUS! You would never have guessed would you, ha ha!

I want it to be a place where we can share practical tips, real life experiences and suggestions about our Christian life. As we walk along the chequered pavement of our mortal existence (as Pastor Chris would say) may we truly be our brothers’ keeper lending a helping hand and offering practical solutions.

I don’t do religion so I don’t want it to be a religious blog, it ain’t no church and we don’t have any pews so we won’t be doing any preaching or teaching. It’s all about putting into practise that which we have been taught on the Sundays, Wednesdays, Tuesdays, Fridays and all the other days that we have sat under the ministration of the great men of God.  

In a nutshell let’s say it’s about practically demonstrating our Christian values. Let me give an example:

You’ve just got a new job, or moved to a new school, joined a new club or something …. So you’re the new kid on the block and of course you stick out like a sore thumb.  How do you integrate yourself smoothly and let your Christian values be made known at the same time?

Let’s say you’re the new work colleague it’s Friday night and everybody is heading to ‘The Harts’ at the end of the road, as a welcome gesture a couple of the guys have offered to buy you a beer…. what do you do?

  •  Say you’d love to but unfortunately you have already made other arrangements – this could be true but then what do you tell them the next week and the week after that, and if it’s a lie it might just turn out to be the beginning of a vicious circle.
  •   You could go along and although you don’t normally drink you could nurse one beer the whole evening so you don’t look odd, or you could have a glass of wine, that’s allowed isn’t it?
  •  Or you could come clean, tell them you don’t drink, but you’d love to come along for the comradery and you’ll have a long orange juice or something. (You will probably look a bit odd especially if you’re a guy, but is Jesus worth the puzzled glances and awkward questions you’ll get?)

What do you think would be the best solution? No it’s not a multiple answer question; you’re supposed to come up with your own ideas,  🙂

There are one or two things you shouldn’t lose sight of however; these guys don’t know you’re a follower of Jesus when will be the best time to tell them? If you join them for a pint today and then hope to tell them about Jesus tomorrow are they likely to take you serious? A devote Muslim, Sikh, or Buddhist wouldn’t have any qualms telling his peers he doesn’t drink should we?……. And I could go on but I’m sure you get the gist.

Please don’t get me wrong this is not about alcohol, that is between you and your God, it’s about how in practical terms could someone in this position let his /her new colleagues know that Jesus is at the root of their existence?

I’d love to hear your take on this, talk soon, LolaA


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